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"Your ride is our passion"

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Car Cleaning Tips That Are Useful

Having a clean car makes driving that much more pleasant. Studies have shown that a neat and tidy environment actually reduces stress and makes you more clear-headed. Try some of these car cleaning tips to learn how to keep your car clean, and your daily commute or next long road trip will be much easier to bear.

Cleaning The Exterior

Tips for cleaning cars can be divided into two categories: those that have to do with the outside of the vehicle, and those that have to do with the inside. When washing the exterior of your car, begin by moving the vehicle to a shady area. Sun can cause soap to dry before you get a chance to rinse it off, making your car look streaky and dull. If your car has stubborn mud or other stains on it, apply a healthy layer of soap and then let it soak for about five minutes before rinsing. Finally, while there are types of soap designed specifically for washing your car, dishwashing liquid or any other mild soap will also work in a pinch. Mix the soap directly into a bucket of water to create a good lather and get the most out of your soap.

Cleaning The Interior

The interior of your car has four areas that need to be cleaned: the carpets, the upholstery, the dashboard and hardware, and the instrument panel. The carpets can be cleaned simply, with a vacuum hose attachment or carpet cleaner. Likewise, unless your upholstery is leather, it can also be cleaned fairly easily with standard cleaners. For your dashboard and instrument panel, use a mild cleaning solution with an alcohol base, and read your car's manual prior to the first time you attempt to clean it. There may be special instructions designed to protect the sensitive parts of your vehicle.

Integrating just a few of these car cleaning tips into your regular car wash is sure to make your vehicle look better than ever before. For more tips on how to keep your car clean from the professionals at GearHead Auto Center, call 602-842-1441 today 

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