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Transmission Flushes Greatly Benefit A Car's Performance

For drivers of vehicles that have hit that 100,000 mile mark, it is time to consider the benefits of transmission flushes. Since you have reached that milestone in your vehicle's life cycle, you probably know a thing or two about keeping up with the routine maintenance of your vehicle. Part of this maintenance should include an investigation into the value of transmission flushes, as they can greatly improve your vehicle's performance while also reducing the risk of costly problems developing in your transmission.

What Is A Transmission Flush?

A transmission flush successfully removes all of the old transmission fluid while introducing new fluid into the car. In the process, a solvent may be used to help eliminate any old fluid deposits from remaining in any of the transmission components. Flushing the transmission fluid is different from changing the fluid. In a transmission fluid change, only some of the fluid is replaced, and all of the old fluid deposits remain firmly entrenched, which may impede the natural functioning of the vehicle.

Why Is it Beneficial?

Generally, car manufacturers recommend that transmission flush service be performed every 100,000 miles. It is at this point that transmission fluid begins to lose some of its performance capabilities, and the deposits of old fluid may be close to reaching a point in which they inhibit vehicle function. A flush solves both of these problems, as new fluid is introduced and all of the buildup is forced out.

Is It A Costly Procedure?

Transmission flush cost will vary depending upon the auto center performing it, but it is not a costly endeavor by any means. Certainly, the cost of the procedure greatly outweighs the potential cost of having the entire transmission replaced; a repair that often causes car owners to evaluate whether it is simply better to purchase a new car instead of replacing the old transmission.

The performance of routine maintenance is incredibly important to the longevity of your car. Make sure to consult your owner's manual and your mechanic if you should have any questions regarding your transmission's performance. Call 602-842-1441 today to learn more about the affordable transmission flush services available at GearHead Auto Center.

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